Hyperkeratotic lesion - Corn

A concentrated hyperkeratosis response in the skin.

Diffuse excess pressure leads to hyperkeratosis – when this is subjected at one point – the skins response
if profound too

Too much pressure for a longer period of time subjected to a concentrated area of the skin

I prominent hard lump

Thick firm hard lump that is very painful to walk on or even wear shoes in some cases

Through a dermatology review as part of a consultation with a Specialist Podiatrist. The shape size
location of the lesion on the foot together with your overall foot shape musculoskeletal biomechanics all
help to diagnose it accurately and form a suitable management plan

1. Surgical sharp debridement give instant and tremendous relief but doesn’t identify or resolve the
underlying causes
2. A thorough musculoskeletal lower limb assessment helps identify any biomechanical abnormalities
3. Bespoke orthotics can help adjust malalignment
4. footwear analysis is an import component to any successful management plan

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